Tuesday, March 3, 2020

4 March

Epistle of Swami Sivananda - 13

Take stock of the past year. Turn back the leaves of your spiritual diary. Mark your spiritual progress. Note how far you have advanced in cultivating virtues, like humility, courage, truthfulness, cosmic love, purity, etc., and in the control of the senses.

Even if there is a setback in certain things, nil desperandum. March forward, O adhyatmic (spiritual) hero. Look not back. A brilliant future is awaiting you.

- - -

God is the source of all happiness. All beings abide in Him. He is an embodiment of peace, wisdom and bliss. He is truth, love, beauty and goodness. All beings abide in Him.

God is one, God and His laws are one. God is love and law. God is pure spirit. God is the path and the goal. God alone is your real father, mother, friend and guru.

Realise God now and here and be happy for ever.

- - -

The deeper a man's love of God is, the greater is his spiritual knowledge, in due proportion to his capacity and depth of love.

The final consummation of the love of God is union with God.

Love of God is inborn in a man by virtue of his spiritual evolution.
May you live in God.

- - -

To realise God is your duty. God-realisation is your birth right. Develop strong yearning for God-realisation.

Have confidence in your self. Be self-controlled. Be fiery in your determination. Stick to your resolves tenaciously.

Cultivate a very strong faith in God. Do total self-surrender and obtain His grace.
May you be established in God-consciousness.

- - -

I shall tell you about the nature of the Atman or Brahman.

The Supreme Self or Atman abides in the chambers of your heart. It is the substratum of this world, mind, prana (life), body and senses.

It is satchidananda. It is immortal, infinite, eternal, ever pure, ever free, perfect and independent. It is one without a second. It is truth and wisdom. It is formless and attributeless.