Wednesday, February 5, 2020

6 February


Love is happiness. Love is life. Love is energy. Love is immortality. Love is wisdom. Love never fails. 

Love is success. Love is victory. Love is eternal sun­shine. Love alone creates and unites.
Love is the moving principle of all forms of fellow­ship. When you realise your oneness with a man, you can really love him whole‑heartedly. The world can only be united for common welfare through unselfish, pure, divine love.

Love dissolves hatred and animosity. Love promotes understanding. To love all as one loves oneself, is the succinct statement of dharma. Universal love is the mark of saintliness. Without love there is no life.

God resides in all creatures. God is immanent in all forms. Therefore love all. Be compassionate to all creatures. This gives the greatest joy to God. Love all in the one love divine. Modern civilisation is complicated and artificial. Simple folk live in a world of love and peace. Let no one hate another or harm another.

Look not at the defects of your neighbours. Look at your own shortcomings and imperfections. Love one another. When these principles govern an individual’s life, then man is happy, peaceful and joyful.

Love is the basis of all real and permanent happiness, of all real and permanent peace. Love is the supreme gift; it is the greatest thing in the world. Love never fails. Perfect love casts out fear. Love lends impetus and incentive to life. It makes one daring, courageous and strong.

Love makes one generous, unselfish, patient, merci­ful and forgiving. Love discloses the sublimest meaning and purpose of life. Love makes one have good‑will towards his neighbour, loyalty towards his friends, and it gives compassion for the enemy.

To love is to suffer. Love and suffering always go together.