Saturday, February 1, 2020

2 February


Forgiveness is the greatest virtue which shines forth in all its splendour in the devotee. Courage and patience are the twin qualities of a real aspirant. Humility is the highest of all virtues. God helps you only when you feel truly humble. Humility is not cowardice. It is meekness and not weakness. Humility and meekness are indeed spiritual powers. Make patience thy strength. Assert it. Feel it. Will it.

Non‑attachment comes very slowly. It gives a new sense of freedom and peace. Anger is the worst fire. Lust is an all‑consuming fire. Both will scorch you. Extinguish these fires through love and purity. Meditate. Think: “I am the fearless, immortal soul”. Then fear will vanish.

True love is the greatest power on earth. It rules without a sword and binds without a cord. To love God is to love all. To love all is to love God. Spread the message of love. Practise cosmic love. Love all. Embrace all. Be kind to all. This will remove jealousy, hatred, etc. To love all is the secret of Self‑realisation and liberation.

The four fundamental virtues are patience, adaptability, kind speech and pure conduct. Justice, temperance, courage and wisdom are also great virtues. Virtue is the golden key which opens the gate to the abode of eternal bliss.

Cultivate divine virtues such as purity, courage, humility, self‑restraint, non‑violence truth, mercy, faith, etc.  Be virtuous. You are on the way to wisdom. In the garden of your heart plant the lily of love, the rose of purity, the champaka of courage, the mandara of humility and the lady‑of‑the‑night of compassion.

* * *

Virtue is knowledge. Virtue is excellence. Knowledge is the ripe fruit of the fine flower of virtue. Think well. All saints teach that you must do good in thought and word and deed. This is the principle of morality.