Monday, December 23, 2019

24 December

Moksha Gita - 10

O my child! Hast thy delusion been destroyed? Have you become fearless now? Have your doubts been removed? Are you resting now in your own satchidananda svaropa? I have declared to thee the profound secret of vedanta, the essence of vedas. O preceptor! I have realised the Self now. I am verily that Brahman, which is self-effulgent, one without a second, which is changeless, partless, formless, eternal, all-pervading, the absolute and the homogeneous essence.

I am satchidananda Brahman. I am pure, infinite, unattached, timeless, motionless, deathless, decayless and fearless. I have no connection with the body and the mind. I am actionless, formless.

Salutations unto thee, O venerable guru! Thou hast saved me from the wheel of birth and death. Through thy grace I have attained immortality and eternal bliss. All my doubts, delusion and ignorance have vanished. Millions of prostrations unto thee, O merciful Lord.

Song of Divine Life

Gopala Gopala Muralilola
Yasoda Nandana Gopibala.

Serve - love - give - purify, practise ahimsa,
satyam, brahmacharya 'take satvic food', study Gita,
Have satsang, control senses, do japa kirtan,
Meditate in brahmamuhurta, know thyself.

Love all, embrace all, be kind to all,
Work is worship (serve all), serve the Lord in all.
Purify, concentrate, reflect, meditate,
Know the Self through enquiry, "Who am I?".

Purify, concentrate, reflect, meditate,
Serve, love, give and be dispassionate,
Know Brahman, maya, samsara and 'I',
Behold the goal of life, Hae Saumya nearby.

     (Gopala Gopala .....)