Saturday, October 5, 2019

6 October

Realise Thy True Nature

First, learn to know yourself, the true value of your own character. Then alone you will be able to serve humanity and benefit people. You are taintless, tranquil, pure consciousness; you are beyond nature. All this time you have been duped by illusion, maya.

Know one individual (yourself) correctly - and you can know the whole world. To know thy self, is to know God. Seek perfection, freedom and eternal bliss in the Atman or Self, by the Self and through the Self. Talk only of Atman. Purify, meditate, lose yourself in Brahman or the Absolute and you will find your Self, you will know your Self.

Nobody doubts his own existence, though he may doubt the existence of God. Find the truth, the source of your own Self and then you will know everything. The more you know the more you will grow in humility. I climbed the peak of vedanta and merged in the Light of lights. How can I express it? To express the unspeakable - all words are feeble. I am the witness - the eternal, pure, infinite, internal self. I am Siva himself. I am changeless. None of the things of the world have touched me or touch me. I have no moods - I am beyond moods. I am the blissful Atman. The light which illumines the intellect, the sun, the moon, the stars and also the yonder lamp, is bliss eternal. That light am I. Om.

If you find you need a place of perfect security and peace then come, sit in my heart and be one with me. There is a central harmony within you, a wisdom, a spirit of wholeness which is divine. That is immortal Atman, your own innermost soul or self. Dwell in this Atman. Realise this Atman and be free for ever. The Atman or Supreme Self must be realised. This is practical religion.

- - -

 Open the eye of your heart,
       Enjoy the vision of the Lord.
       Break the seal of your ego,
       Realise the eternal bliss of your Self.
       Clean the dirt of your mind's mirror,
       Behold the beauty of the majestic Atman.
              Sit on the horse of brahmakara vritti.

Reach your destination; the home of eternal peace.
       Still the waves of the mind,
       Take a dip in the ocean of bliss,
              Shut up your mouth and the mouth of your mind
And enjoy the peace of supreme silence.