Thursday, October 3, 2019

4 October

I Am Siva

I am Siva, the life and soul of all. I am the substratum for all the forms of the world. I am the substratum for the mind, prana (life) and senses. I am the energy in the atoms and the elements. I am the effulgence of the sun, moon and stars. I am the beauty of beauties. I am the charm and beauty in women. I am the life of all youth. I am the intelligence in all scientists, educationalists, culturists, research scholars and philosophers.

I am the foundation of the world. I am the wisdom of the sages. I am the siddhis (powers) in yogis. I am the life of the cyclones, earthquakes and volcanoes. I am the energy in dynamos. I am the energy in all germs and microbes. I am the power in herbs, minerals and tonics. I am goodness, truth, success and prosperity. I am Siva, the life and soul of all.

Lumbago and rheumatism shake my body. All diseases are my guests. Let them stay. What is that to me? I welcome them cordially. I always sing: "I am not this body, not this mind. Chidananda rupah sivoham Sivoham". I defy, deny diseases. What is it to be if the body perishes? I am anamaya (diseaseless) Atman (Self). I am the life of this cosmic play.

I have burnt up all duality. I am sadchitananda. I have drunk the cup of pure knowledge ­ it is all sweet nectar. There are neither vrittis (thought-waves) nor vasanas (tendencies) in the Absolute. There is neither thought nor world here. I have experienced this supreme state ­ it is neither dual nor non-dual. It is only keval asti (pure being). It is pure consciousness or supreme essence.

- - -

KNOW THE ATMAN: If atmic reality is cognised then all differences between trees, mountains, clothes and 'others', will vanish. With them, sankalpas (thoughts) will also be swept away. The only way out of grief and delusion is the inner realisation of the unity of the individual soul with Brahman (the Absolute). The Atman is to be known ­ there is no attainment higher than that. One fears not death who has realised Brahman, who is serene, ageless, self-luminous, desireless, firm, immortal and self­-existent.