Thursday, October 10, 2019

11 October

Root Out Attachment

Atman is Brahman or Absolute or infinite or supreme being. It is existence absolute, knowledge absolute and bliss absolute. It is eternal, perfect, pure, self-luminous. It is self­delight and self­-knowledge. It is bodiless, formless (nirakara) and attributeless (guna-less). It is all-­pervading, all-­full, imperishable. It has neither beginning nor end. It exists in the present, the past and the future. It is svayambhu (self-­existent). It is the source for the body and the mind, prana (life), indriyas (senses), vedas and the universe. No one can deny it because it is the Self of all beings.

Selfishness retards spiritual progress. If anyone can destroy his selfishness, half of his spiritual sadhana (practice) is over. No samadhi or meditation is possible without the eradication of this undesirable, negative quality. Aspirants should direct their whole attention in the beginning towards the removal of this dire malady by protracted, selfless, disinterested service.

Never say 'my body', 'my wife', 'my son', 'my house'. Attachment is the root cause for the miseries and sufferings of this world. Discipline the mind carefully. The old habits will creep in ­ destroy them at the very root. Lead the life of mental non­-attachment. This is the master­key to open the realm of Brahmic bliss. Non-attachment is dispassion or indifference to sensual enjoyments.

It is the mind that creates the ideas of 'I­ness' and 'mine­ness'. It is the mind that links the body and the jiva (soul) and creates intense deha adhyasa (body­-consciousness) and the man thinks, "I am the body". If the binding link in the mind is destroyed, you can remain wherever you like ­ you can roam peacefully, in any part of the world, unattached, like water on the lotus leaf. Nothing can bind you. The whole mischief is wrought by the mind.

Introspect. Look within. Try to remove your defects. This is real sadhana (practice) ­ you will have to do it at any cost. Intellectual development is nothing. But the former needs a great deal of struggle for many years as many vicious habits have to be rent asunder.

Keep up the unbroken current of meditation. Avoid mixing. You will soon get over body­consciousness. A little more drastic sadhana is needed for a month ­ unbroken silence. Do not allow inertia or laziness to overpower you.