Monday, September 23, 2019

24 September


There, the Brahman dwells by Himself; 
There, He sits without support; 
There, there is neither day nor night; 
There, there is neither virtue nor vice; 
There, there is neither light nor dark; 
There, the sun and moon do not rise; 
There, pain and suffering do not enter; 
There, death cannot blow his trumpet; 
There, hunger and disease cannot torment; 
There, nobody sleeps or wakes. 
It is a city of deathlessness. 
It is the abode of fearlessness. 
It is the seat of eternal bliss. 
It is Brahma Nirvana or Paramamgati. 
Sivananda says: "Meditate on Brahman, on the spot 
Where the Ganges and the Jumna meet; 
And rest peacefully, forever". 


The musk is in the navel of the deer; 
But it runs here and there to smell it. 
The chain is on the neck of the damsel; 
But she runs hither and thither to search for it. 
The tenth man is there in reality; 
But he forgets to count himself and cries. 
Fresh butter is with you in abundance; 
And yet you go here and there in search of ghee. 
The precious diamond is within you; 
But you run after the broken glass-pieces in vain. 
The key is in your pocket; 
But you are searching for it in vain, here and there. 
Even so the ocean of bliss is within you, 
And yet you run here and there in search for it. 
The Sun of suns is ever-shining in you; 
But your blind eyes cannot behold it. 
The eternal sound is ringing within you; 
But your deaf ears cannot hear it. 
Sivananda says: "Look within and meditate, 
And enjoy the eternal bliss of Atman."