Sunday, September 22, 2019

23 September


Do not talk of vedanta and Brahman, 
Work, work, work. 
There is too much talk and vedantic gossiping, 
Enough of tall talk and gossiping. 
Give up lecturing and pedantry, 
Become a practical vedantin. 
Be good to others, even at the point of a bayonet. 
Show your strength and courage now. 
Develop a soft heart, 
That can melt at the sufferings of others, 
This will lead you to the realisation of unity. 
I want fiery young men ­ 
Brave, dispassionate and wise, 
With iron will and ferro­concrete body and nerves, 
Who can pulverise the Himalayas, 
Who can sip the waters of the ocean, 
Who can devour death like a pickle, 
Who can swim across the Pacific, 
Who can uproot Mount Everest, 
Who can swallow the ball of fire.

Thus sayeth Sivananda.


O Man! Take a dose of this mysterious drug. 
The wonderful drug that grows within, 
The drug that cures the disease of death ­ 
The drug of life, light and bliss, 
The drug that bestows immortality. 
The divine drug, the drug of grace, 
The drug that makes you dance in joy, 
The rarest drug that dispels the darkness, 
The loveliest drug that is precious, 
The only drug that removes grief, 
The drug that kills the six passions, 
The drug that makes you fearless, 
The drug that puts you into samadhi. 
It is the silent drug Bhumi, thy innermost Atman. 
That is my strength, joy and cure­all, 
That is the potential immortal elixir. 

Thus sayeth Sivananda.