Monday, October 29, 2018

30 October


Whatever has a beginning or an end is unreal. That which exists in the past, the present and the future is real. Only Brahman exists in these three periods of time. Hence Brahman alone is real. The reality underlying all names and forms, the primal one from which everything originates is Brahman, the Absolute. Brahman is the soul of all joy, all bliss. Brahman transcends phenomena. Production and destruction are only phenomena, the jugglery of the mind or maya (illusion).

Brahman is infinite, eternal, immortal. Infinity is one ­ only that which is unchanging, indivisible, non-dual, beginningless, endless, timeless, spaceless, causeless, can be infinite. There can be no parts, no differences, no distinctions in Brahman.

Brahman is self­-luminous, self-­existent, self-­contained, self-­established, self-­revealed. Brahman illumines itself by itself; by its nature it is ever illumined. Individual souls and the world are unreal - nothing save Brahman is eternal.

Immortality, knowledge, bliss purity, independence, perfection, etc., constitute the very nature of Brahman. He resides in your heart. He witnesses the activity of the buddhi (intellect). Word, speech, mouth, may not approach Brahman. Mind also cannot go there. Supreme Brahman is impersonal, formless, all-pervading and subtle ­ but He can be reached through meditation, through the eye of intuition, by one who has purified himself and who is endowed with the four means of salvation.

God cannot be seen with the physical eyes ­ but He reveals himself to His devotees. He is one though called by countless names. Realise the reality of the one existence, the one life that throbs in all atoms, in all beings ­ the one power that creates, sustains and dissolves this universe.

When the heart of the devotee is united in the Lord, no difference between them remains.

- - -

Before saturating the mind with thoughts of Brahman you will have to assimilate divine ideas first.

Remember this triplet always:

Assimilation ­ Saturation ­ Realisation.