Thursday, October 11, 2018

12 October

Meditation in Vedanta

Preliminary meditation for six months:

1. On the blue expansive sky, all-pervading air or ether, or light, or Himalayas, or infinite ocean.

2. On abstract qualities -­ mercy, patience, generosity, etc.

3. On abstract ideas - indivisibility, existence, wisdom, bliss, truth, eternity, immortality, infinity, purity, etc., will render the mind subtle and sharp and prepare it for deep abstract meditation on Atman.

Just as one thread penetrates all flowers in a garland, so also one Self penetrates all these living beings. Behold the one Self in all. Serve all. Love all. Give up the idea of diversity. You will be established in Brahman. When one Atman dwells in all living beings, then why do you hate others? Why do you use harsh words? Why do you try to rule and dominate others? Why do you exploit others? Why are you intolerant? Is this not the height of folly; is it not sheer ignorance?

Behold the "One in all". Feel, "I am the all", and "I am in all." Feel, "All bodies are mine; the whole world is my body, my sweet home". Feel, "I work in all hands; I eat in all mouths". Feel, "I am the immortal Self in all". Repeat these formulas mentally several times a day. Repeat Om mentally and feel oneness of life or unity of consciousness when you play football or tennis, when you drink and eat, when you talk and sing, when you sit and walk, when you bathe and dress, when you work in the office or answer the calls of nature. Spiritualise every movement, action, thought, feeling. Transmute them into yoga. Gradually names and forms will vanish and you will feel, "Aham asmi" (I exist). The balance or residue left will be Atman.

A jnani sees Atman everywhere; there is no thought of self; the lower self is entirely annihilated. He lives to serve all. He feels that all is himself only. He has cosmic vision and cosmic feeling. He is free from worry, trouble, difficulties and sorrow. He is always happy and cheerful.

In the formless vedantic meditation of advaitins (non-­dualists) there will be an abstract mental image in the beginning of sadhana (practice). This will vanish eventually. When you meditate, deny names and forms, do neti-­neti (not this, not this).