Saturday, September 8, 2018

9 September

Sivananda Gita - 2 (...continued)

I am 59 (1946) now. I ever feel I am quite young. I am full of vigour, vim and vitality. I am ever cheerful. I sing, dance, run, and jump in joy. I am robust and strong. I can digest any kind of food.

I continuously work, read and write. I never go to hill stations or seaside for a holiday. Change of work gives rest. Meditation gives abundant rest.

Work gives me delight. Service gives me happiness. Writing bestows joy. Meditation energises and invigorates me. Kirtan vivifies me.

"Aham Brahmasmi, Sivoham, Soham, Satchidananda Swaroopoham" ­ This is my favourite formula for vedantic meditation.

Hare Rama hare Rama Rama Rama hare hare
Hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare. - This mahamantra kirtan is my favourite kirtan.

At the present moment I am the richest man in the whole world. My heart is full. Further, all the wealth of the Lord belongs to me now. Hence I am King of kings, Emperor of emperors, Shah of shahs, Maharaja of maharajas. I take pity on the mundane kings. My dominion is limitless.

My wealth is inexhaustible.

My joy is inexpressible. My treasure is immeasurable. I attained this through sanyasa, renunciation, untiring selfless service, japa, kirtan and meditation.

I am tall. My height is 6 feet. I have a sinewy frame. I have symmetrical limbs. I was a first class gymnast.

I fast on Ekadasi. I do not take even a drop of water. I take milk and fruits on Sundays. I do not take salt on Sundays.

I lead a simple, natural life. There is a fountain of youth in me. I beam with joy. I observe fasting, resting, airing, bathing, breathing, exercising, sun­bathing and enjoy freedom, power, beauty, courage, poise and health.

Om. Om. Om.