Saturday, April 14, 2018

15 April

Adapt and Adjust

A karma yogi should adapt, adjust, accommodate, in relation to all and under all circumstances. He should share what he has with others. He should be absolutely unselfish. He should keep his senses under control. He should always be truthful and cheerful. He should be social and amiable. He should be simple, noble, humble and gentle.

A karma yogi should bear insult and injury. He should observe brahmacharya. Offer all actions and their fruits - body, mind, senses and soul - as flowers at the lotus feet of the Lord.
A karma yogi should feel that the world is a manifestation of God and that he is serving God in all beings. He should discipline the mind and the senses and body. He should develop alertness, decision, discrimination, discernment, forgiveness, patience, mercy, cosmic love, tolerance and equal-vision.

A karma yogi should have a balanced mind. He should be calm, cool and serene always. He should combine bhakti or jnana yoga with karma yoga. He should be good and do good. He should keep the body strong and healthy - practicing asanas, pranayama, running and physical culture. He should keep a spiritual diary and stick to all his resolves.

- - -

Put your heart and soul in all that you do. Remember always that you are serving the Lord himself; through all your actions you are expressing his will. You should act like a dutiful manager of the absentee landlord's estate. Have the same attitude towards your worldly concerns that a loving and conscientious nurse has towards the children entrusted in her care.

Do your duty well, inwardly feel that you are only an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Feel that your true self, the Godhead within you, is the eternal sakshi (witness). Live in the Lord. Repeat his name always. Feel that God does everything. Share all you have - your heart will be purified quickly. Knowledge of the Self will descend on you quickly. You will see God in all.