Saturday, September 30, 2017

1 October

Hari ke premi Hari Hari bolo 
Avo pyare milker gawo 
Hari charaname dhyana laghavo 
Dukhme sukhme Hari Hari bolo
Abhiman tyago seva karo 
Narayan Narayan Narayan Narayan.   

Give up brahmin, sanyas abhiman, 
Give up male-female, sex abhiman. 
Give up doctor, judge abhiman, 
Give up rajah, zamindar abhiman.

Relinquish pundit, scientist abhiman 
Crush this professor, engineer abhiman 
Kill this collector, thasildar abhiman. 
Kill this vairagya, seva abhiman 
Kill this tyagi, kartrtva abhiman. 
(Narayan Narayan .....)  

Remember always Hari Hari Hari Hari, 
Sing always Sita-Ram, Radheshyam, 
See good in every face, 
Share what you have with others. 
Develop nicely adaptability. 
Serve always with Narayana Bhav. 
Scrutinise always your inner motives 
Work without egoism, 
Cultivate the nimitta-bhav, 
Give up expectation of fruits.

Surrender always fruits to the Lord, 
Have equal vision and balanced mind. 
Selfless work will purify your heart, 
Then you will get knowledge of self. 
(Narayan Narayan .....)