Sunday, January 1, 2017

2 January

Learn Learn Learn
The world is for your education. You learn several lessons daily. If you learn all you can, if you utilise all opportunities to the best advantage, in the spirit of yoga, then your capacities and will-power will develop. You grow, you evolve, you expand.
There is eternal development - you are moving forward towards the goal. All veils drop down. All limitations and barriers are annihilated. All shackles or fetters are rent asunder. You receive more and more divine light, knowledge, purity, peace and spiritual strength.
You are the author of your fate. You yourself have created this. You yourself are entirely responsible for this. You are the maker of suffering and joy. Just as a silkworm has created a cocoon for its own destruction, so also you have created this cage of flesh, by your own karma (action), by attraction and repulsion, and false egoism.
You have become a slave of the flesh. You have become a slave of body and mind, of countless desires. You are sunk deep in the quagmire of samsara (ignorance). Do not sleep any longer. Awake. Come out of this illusory mayaic cage, now.
Cast aside the erroneous idea: "I am the body". Develop the consciousness and the realisation of the real 'I' within you. Be aware of the Satchidananda Brahman, the Atma, the Supreme Self, the one consciousness - that which connects all hearts together by a common thread.
Awaken yourself to the conscious realisation of your actual identity with the Supreme Self. Think of the Self continuously. This will lead to Self-realisation. The struggle must be keen. The endeavour must be sincere. The motive must be pure.
There must be iron discipline, iron determination, iron will and constant sadhana (practice). Then there is not a bit of difficulty in the attainment of the final beatitude of life. This life is sublime in its nature. It is resplendent with spiritual light. It is radiant with splendour. It is vibrant with ecstasy. It is replete with peace.