Sunday, December 18, 2016

19 December

Moksha Gita - 5
As fire is concealed by ashes, sword by the scabbard, sun by the clouds, foetus by the amnion, rubies by the earth, mattress by the bedsheet, so also Brahman is concealed by flesh and bones. If you remove the ash you can perceive the fire; if the clouds are dispersed you can recognise the sun; if you remove the scabbard you can behold the sword; if you remove the bedsheet you can see the mattress. Even so, if the veil of ignorance which conceals the Brahman is removed by knowledge of Brahman you can directly cognise the self-luminous Brahman.
You cannot see the all-pervading butter in the milk, but if you churn it you can get the butter. Even so, you cannot see Brahman by these physical eyes, but you can behold the all-pervading Brahman by the churning of meditation.
Purge your mind of all impurities. Sever mentally all your connection with visible objects. Destroy the weeds of desires. Abandon all sankalpas (thoughts). Eradicate the longings. Meditate on Brahman. You will attain soon the non-dual Brahmic seat of ineffable splendour.
Understand the right significance of the 'Tat Tvam Asi' mahavakyas (the great declaration, 'That Thou Art'). The knowledge relating to the identity of the individual soul and the supreme soul that arises from mahavakyas like 'Tat Tvam Asi' (Thou art That) is the means to emancipation.
The immaculate and supreme seat can be attained very easily if you possess equal vision, balanced mind and discrimination, if you associate with the wise persons and if you practise vichara or enquiry constantly.
One soon becomes that on which he constantly meditates with great intensity in accordance with the illustration of the wasp and the worm.
Negate the five sheaths. Control the senses. Sit quietly. Meditate always, "I am satchidananda svayamprakasha Brahman" (Brahman which is existence-consciousness-bliss and which is self-luminous), which is the substratum for these five sheaths and the whole world. Keep up the Brahma-bhavana (contemplation of Brahman) while walking, eating and bathing.
You should ever be engaged in enquiry of Brahman, till you get Brahma-jnana (knowledge of the Absolute). You should practise right conduct also. You should have association with the sages. Brahma-bhavana, the end of all vedas, will dawn of itself in you, if you generate the Brahmakara-vritti (the concept that Brahman alone is real) constantly from your satvic antahkarana (pure mind and heart) by meditating on the right significance of the mahavakyas, 'Aham Brahma Asmi' (I am Brahman).