Saturday, September 26, 2015

27 September

My heart drinks the nectar now, 
I have plunged myself in that ocean of joy, 
I have drunk the cup of immortal bliss. 
There is neither doubt nor sorrow here. 
The terror of death is no more. 
There is the sweet fragrance of the soul. 
The music of the soul sounds itself. 
Supreme freedom reigns here, 
Brilliant effulgence streams forth, 
There is the unstruck, sweet melody of harmony. 
This is the sorrowless land of an old man. 
The thirst of the five senses is quenched here. 
Here the rain of nectar pours and pours, 
The sacred stream of the Jamna­ganga 
Flows here perennially. 
The round of births and deaths ceases here. 
Come, come my sweet companions, 
Visit this limitless domain but once 
And see my Supreme Lord's Durbar (court).
So says Sivananda.
I have found the key of the mystery. 
There is wonderful rest in the land of bliss. 
Wonderful is the sorrowless land. 
It is an infinite ocean of sweetness. 
Look within and rest peacefully. 
The three forms of misery are no more, 
The five kinds of afflictions are not here. 
One becomes speechless and silent ­ 
There is stupendous silence. 
The seer, seen and sight have become one. 
The knower, known and knowable are one. 
There is the divine music of the supreme harmony 
Without the play of fingers and strings. 
One enjoys freedom and perfection. 
Bliss is filled to the very brim. 
I have realised oneness.
So says Sivananda.