Tuesday, April 21, 2015

22 April

Obstacles and Remedy
Be wise. Discriminate. Analyse. Scrutinise your thoughts daily. Boldly proclaim: "I would devote my entire life to the service of others - no matter whether I achieve salvation or not. Salvation is not my concern. My duty is to serve the Lord in all; to serve the sick and the poor, untiringly; to saturate my entire being in the service of others." This should be your bold proclamation at all times - to everyone with whom you come into contact.
Even while you work you should feel: "I am not hungry, it is the function of the prana to feel hungry. I do not see anything, it is the function of the eye to see. Exhilaration and depression belong to the mind, not to me. I am the witness (sakshi of everything." Through such regular vichara (ratiocination), you will soon attain samadhi (self-awareness).
A karma yogi must be a hero. He will come across many difficulties and obstacles - he must conquer them one by one. He must do this with an undaunted spirit; he must do it boldly.
There are five obstacles that a man has to face when he does karma yoga in the world, even after he has attained purity of heart. They are:
  1. Dispassion wanes by contact with sense-objects - downfall comes.
  2. Thoughts of the reality of the world creep in.
  3. Remembrance of Brahman vanishes.
  4. You cannot keep up the brahmakaravritti (thought of Brahman) for a long time, owing to vikshepa (tossing of the mind).
  5. During work, the idea of duality and triputi (seer, sight, and seen) come in.
To become humbler than a blade of grass - this should be your ideal. Then you will develop patience, understanding, and you will have goodwill on all sides, from everyone. You should introspect in silence and solitude. Analyse points of criticism. Solitude will calm your emotions. The conclusions you arrive at will be sound.
Karma yogis should never let their emotions and excitement get the better of them. By following these instructions any action, sacred or secular, even if it is service of the family, may be converted into an act of worship leading to the most sublime goal of Self-realisation.