Monday, April 13, 2015

14 April

Spirit of Service
The right spirit in service is necessary. Not the smallest insect is to be treated callously. I once found a drowning wasp. I took it out, gave it some warmth and prayed for it. For I know that the Lord is there in that wasp. So work for the benefit of others, because they are divinities, not because you want personal glory.
Even a tiny bit of service in this spirit will be recognised at once - while thousands of pounds, given with a view to self-advertisement, may earn you little merit.
The secret of nishkamya karma (unselfish, motiveless action) was explained by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. Every selfless worker should study the Gita daily. He can obtain real wisdom from it. The Gita is alive to those who are alive to it. The Gita is a scripture for all time. It is especially addressed to the people of the present age.
Fill your mind with the thought of God. Be devoted to God. Do everything as God's will. Surrender yourself to him. This is, in short, the secret of karma yoga. This is the Yoga of Synthesis. This is the yoga most suited to the kali yuga. It helps the development of the human personality. It leaves no loop-holes for maya or ignorance to enter you. It fills every part of man with godliness.
The karma yogi should ceaselessly strive to cultivate divine virtues and to purify his heart. He should have peacefulness and mental equilibrium as his constant companions. Only that person who has found peace within himself and who is able to maintain a balanced state of mind in all circumstances, will be able to radiate peace and joy and even-mindedness.
This peace is not inert or tamasic. This surrender is not fatalism. Cultivate dynamic peace. Do not be idle for a single second. He who is working for the commonweal is dear to the Lord. He is a sage. He is a great bhakta. He is a great karma yogi.