Saturday, November 1, 2014

2 November

Brahman is satchidananda. Sat is truth -­ that which exists in the past, the present and the future -­ which has no beginning, middle or end ­ which is self-­existent, self­-created ­ which never changes. In truth the world abides, from the truth the world comes forth and in truth the world dissolves. Truth is the only substance that underlies and pervades this world of beings. Truth is, and gives immortality and fearlessness.
Chit is self­-knowledge. There are no indriyas (senses) in chit. It is self-­luminous and imparts light to the mind, intellect, senses and the skin of the body, the sun, moon, stars, fire, lightning and all objects.
Ananda is bliss itself. There is no enjoyer in ananda. It is enjoyment itself.
When you are in the company of women, say: "There is satchidananda Atman in all these names and forms. Names and forms are false. They have no independent existence. Their support is the one satchidananda Atman." Lust will vanish; sex ideas will disappear. Practise, feel and realise this truth. One grain of practice is better than a ton of theory. Practice is better than precept.
The snake in the rope vanishes when you bring a lamp. So also the illusion of the body and the world disappears with the advent of the sun of wisdom. All fears, miseries, and troubles melt away. You have regained your original pristine glory.
- - -
Pure consciousness is Brahman or the Absolute ­- it is always the witnessing subject. It can never become the object of perception ­ it is always the knower. Mind can only know the external objects. How can mind, effect, know the cause, Brahman? How can the finite know the infinite? How can mind know the knower? You cannot jump on your shoulders. Fire cannot burn itself. If Atman becomes the object of perception, it will become a finite object. The denier of the pure consciousness does always exist (sat) ­ he is just like the man who denies or doubts his tongue when he is talking. This proves Brahman always exists. Existence is pure consciousness (chit). Pure consciousness is also immortal bliss (ananda).