Saturday, September 27, 2014

28 September

O Lord, if thou art the sun, 
I am thy ray. 
If thou art the ocean, 
I am the drop. 
If thou art the lotus, 
I am the petal. 
If thou art the tree, 
I am the leaf. 
There is no other Lord like thee. 
Thou art the ocean of compassion. 
I have no qualification 
And yet Thou hast blessed me. 
By singing Thy name I have broken all fetters, 
I have cut Yama's noose. 
Sivananda sings to obtain Thy grace.

O Lord, Thou alone art my mind and senses.
Thou art my tongue, ears and eyes.
Thou art my prana, (the vital breath).
Thou alone dwellest in my heart.
Thou alone abideth in my breath.
Thou fillest my whole body.
Thou art the life within me.
Thou art the prompter of my thoughts.
Thou art the inner ruler.
Thou movest all the internal organs.
Thou illumineth my intellect.
Thou art my all in all.
Thou art my very soul.
Thou art the soul of my soul.
I have none but Thee.
Thou alone art my real friend.
Thou art my guru, my father and my mother.
So says Sivananda.
- - -
Thou art my sole refuge,
I long for Thy grace alone.
Thou art the knower and the teacher,
Thou art the knowledge that knows,
Thou art the ultimate truth
That is known or realised.
So says Sivananda.