Wednesday, September 24, 2014

25 September

I am neither male nor female; 
I am neither dvaita (dualism) nor advaita (non-­dualism); 
I am neither saguna (with qualities) nor nirguna (without qualities); 
I am neither seer nor hearer; 
I am neither body nor mind; 
I am neither far nor near; 
I am neither black nor red; 
I am neither thin nor stout; 
I live neither by food nor by air; 
I neither move nor stop; 
I shall neither go to hell nor to heaven; 
I neither laugh nor weep; 
I work and yet I do not work; 
I hear without ears and see without eyes; 
I smell without nose and taste without tongue; 
Few understand Me. 
He who understands Me, sits in silence. 
Sivananda says: "Mysterious is that silence. 
Drown yourself in that silence 
And be happy."

O Fool! What are you doing in the room? 
Why have you shut the doors? 
Are you meditating or building sand castles? 
Are you planning or sleeping? 
What do you see with closed eyes? 
Darkness? Or some white spots? 
Is this your vision of God? 
Do not waste this precious human life. 
See God everywhere ­ in the sun 
In the trees, the child, the cow, 
In the breeze, in the old man, 
In the running brooks, in the landscapes. 
He is not within your trikuti (eyebrow centre) alone. 
Can you meditate for twenty-four hours? 
Do not become tamasic or lazy. 
Do not mistake tamas (inertia) for satva (divinity). 
Enough, enough of your meditation. 
Thy cells are charged with heavy tamas. 
Come out and serve God in all forms. 
Here is a dynamic path of cosmic vision. 
So says Sivananda.