Wednesday, September 17, 2014

18 September

Still the waves of the mind and hold it steady in nirvikalpa samadhi (unconditioned state of super-consciousness). This needs constant, protracted practice of meditation. There may be breaks in the meditation in the beginning, but practice makes you perfect. Later you will be able to remain absorbed in meditation for long periods. You can merge yourself in samadhi, with a mind like a flame protected from wind.
Before getting sanguine success in meditation get victory over the pose first. Sit upon your seat with the steadiness of a rock ­ for two or three hours. If the body is steady then the mind will also be steady.
Do not mistake a little concentration or one-­pointedness of mind for samadhi. Simply because you have risen a little above body consciousness, on account of a little concentration, do not think that you have attained samadhi.
Separate the mind from the body and unite it with the Supreme Self. This is known as samadhi or the super-conscious state. This will give liberation or freedom from births and deaths. Samadhi is obtained by practice for a long time and with zeal and enthusiasm.
Samadhi is the highest goal which one can attain through meditation. It is not a little thing that can be attained through a little practice. To attain samadhi one should observe strict brahmacharya (celibacy), dietetic restrictions and one must have purity of heart.
If these are not attained there is no possibility of attaining samadhi. These are preliminary qualifications and should be well grasped. Then only one should try to enter the portals of samadhi. None can enter there unless he is a great devotee of the Lord.
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Moksha (liberation) is loss of one's personality in the divine. It is deliverance from the delusion of personality. Just as the river becomes the ocean itself, the individual soul becomes the mighty supreme soul, with higher consciousness, transcendental bliss and knowledge.