Wednesday, September 10, 2014

11 September

Sivananda Gita - 4 (Continued)
I respect all saints and prophets of all religions. I respect all religions, all cults, all faiths and all creeds.
I serve all, love all, mix with all and see the Lord in all. I stick to my promises. I serve the poor. This is my delight. I do mental prostrations to asses, dogs, trees, bricks, stones and all creatures. I respect elders and sadhus. I obey. I please all through sincere selfless service.
I attend on guests very carefully. I run hither and thither to serve them. I shampoo the legs of sick persons and sadhus.
I give very prompt reply to all my letters. I do several things at a time. I write with electric speed.
I spend everything. I do lot of charity. I do not keep anything. I take immense delight in feeding the poor and my students. I try to be a mother to them.
I talk to others on things which I have myself practised. I look within always, introspect, analyse, and examine. I hold the trishul: spiritual diary, daily routine and resolve.
I ever served my masters with great sincerity and intense faith and devotion. I learnt many useful lessons for life. I developed many virtues.
I wandered without food during my parivrajak life. I slept on the roadside at night without clothing during winter. I ate dried bread with water.
I stick tenaciously to my principles and ideals. I do not argue much. I live in silence.
I pray and do kirtan for the peace of the whole world, for the health and peace of sick people, and for the peace of the departed souls and the earth bound spirits also.
I take a dip in the Ganges in the name of all those who are longing for a bath in the Ganges.
I sing the names of all saints of all religions in the bhajan hall. I observe All-Saints day and All-Souls day. 
Om. Om. Om.