Tuesday, September 9, 2014

10 September

Sivananda Gita - 3 (Continued)
I love nature, music, art, poetry, philosophy, beauty, goodness, solitude, meditation, yoga and vedanta.
I am humble and simple. I am frank and straightforward. I am perfectly tolerant and catholic. I am merciful and sympathetic. I have spontaneous and unrestrained generosity.
I am bold and cheerful. I am patient. I can bear insult and injury. I am forgiving. I am free from vindictive nature. I return good for evil. I serve that man who has injured me, with joy.
I love Ganga and the Himalayas. Ganga is my mother divine. Himalayas is my father divine. They inspire and guide me. I take bath in Ganga. I swim in Ganga. I adore Ganga. I feed the fishes of Ganga.
I wave light to Mother Ganges. I pray to Ganga. I do salutations to Ganga. I sing the glory of Ganga. I write about the grandeur and glory of Ganga.
Ganga has nourished me. Ganga has comforted me. Ganga has taught me the truth of the Upanishads. Glory to Ganga!
My daily routine is like that of Lord Buddha. I always remain in the room. I do japa, kirtan and meditation. I study sacred books. I write. I come out of the room for a short time for work, service and interview.
I talk a little. I think much. I meditate much. I try to do much and serve much.
I do not waste even a single minute. I ever keep myself fully occupied. I lead a well-regulated life. I perform worship of Atman at all times. I work for the good of others. Om. Om. Om.
Gita, Upanishads, Bhagavat, Yoga Vasishta, Avadhootha Gita, Vivekachudamani are my constant companions.
I am a strange mixture of service, devotion, yoga and wisdom. I am a follower of Sri Shankara. I am a keval-advaita vedantin. I am not at all a dry lip-­vedantin. I am a practical vedantin.
I practise and advocate the yoga of synthesis. I practise ahimsa, satyam and brahmacharya. Glory to Sri Shankara!