Thursday, July 3, 2014

4 July

On Vritti
The mind-stuff is chitta. It is a mental substance. Vritti or thought wave is a modification of the mind stuff. It is a process. Just as waves and bubbles arise from the surface of the ocean, so also these vrittis arise on the surface of the mind ocean. Just as the sun's rays emanate from the sun, so also these mental rays (modifications of the vritti), emanate from the mind sun. Just as the sun merges itself into the horizon at sunset, by collecting all its rays, so also you have to merge in the sun of suns, absolute consciousness, eternal peace, by collecting all the dissipated mental rays and dissolving the mind itself.
The function of the vritti in the mind is to cause the removal of the cause of ignorance covering objects. Gross ignorance is enveloping all objects. When it is removed, then perception of objects becomes possible.
Through its own effort the mind assumes the shape of any object, and concentrates upon itself. When the mind thinks of Brahman, the sole ultimate thought of Brahman is formed. Be vigilant. Watch the mind and its activities. The object does not bind you - it is the vritti, the identification with the vritti, that causes attachment and bondage.
If you become one with the mind, body and vrittis you get various sorts of miseries and sufferings. The whole universe is created by the vrittis alone. If these mental thought waves subside you can attain the absolute state of highest peace and bliss. Just as soap cleanses the physical body, even so japa (repetition) of any mantra, dhyana (meditation) and kirtan (chanting), together with the practice of yama and niyama (discipline), cleanse the mind of all impurities. Just as you nourish the physical body with food, even so you will have to give food for the mind and spiritual food for the soul.
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Only when the modifications cease do you enter the silence. Realise this. Close the eyes, draw in the senses, still the mind, silence the thoughts, sharpen the intellect, purify the chitta, meditate on Om and chant it with feeling. Enter the silence. Silence is Atman, the centre - it is in the heart cave. When the mind runs from one object to another, the state in the interval, wherein you become mindless, is Brahman.