Friday, January 24, 2014

25 January

Destroy the Roots of Suffering

Determination and self-reliance are very necessary for success in Self-realisation. In the Mundaka Upanishad you will find: "This Atman cannot be obtained by one who is destitute of strength, or without earnestness, or by penance without mark. But if a wise man strives after it by those means, then his Self enters into Brahman."
Fearlessness is an important qualification for the aspirant. You should be prepared to renounce your life at any moment. Without renunciation of the little sensual life, the eternal spiritual life cannot be attained. Every difficulty that comes in the spiritual path is an opportunity to grow stronger and to develop will-power.
When you have once decided to take up the spiritual path, stick to it at any cost, nay, at the risk of your life. Thou art the immortal Self. Be bold. Stand up. Gird up your loins. Realise the truth. Proclaim it everywhere.
Wrong thinking is the root cause of human suffering. Cultivate right thinking and right action. Think always: "I am the immortal Self". This is right thinking. Work unselfishly for the poor, but work only in terms of unity, with atma bhava (seeing the one Self in all). This is right acting.
There is no such thing as sin. Sin is only a mistake. Sin is a mental creation. The baby soul must commit some mistakes during the process of evolution. Mistakes are your best teachers. Think always: "I am pure Atman". Then the idea of sin will be blown in the air.
Do not say, "Oh it is karma, my karma. It is my karma (fate) that has brought me to this". No. Exert. Do tapas (penance). Concentrate. Meditate. Purify. Do not be a fatalist. Do not yield to inertia. Do not bleat like a lamb. Roar "OM OM OM" like a lion.
Adhere to the daily spiritual routine. Apply yourself with zeal and enthusiasm to sadhana (spiritual practice). Become a naistic brahmachari (lifelong celibate). Be steady and systematic in your yoga abhyasa (practice of yoga).
Shine in your native, pristine glory. Become a jivanmukta (liberated sage). You are the children of immortality and light. "TAT TWAM ASI" - Thou Art That, my dear children.