Thursday, December 19, 2013

20 December

Moksha Gita - 6

Om is the symbol of Brahman. It is the word of power. It is the sacred monosyllable. It is the essence of all the vedas. It is the boat to take you to the other shore of fearlessness and immortality. Meditate on Om with bhava (feeling) and meaning.
You should make Brahma-vichara habitual in you by constant practice. Then only your mind will be under your perfect control. All the impurities of the mind will be washed away by Brahma-vichara.
Enquire unceasingly: "Who am I? Whence came this universe? How did birth and death come? What is bondage?" You will be able to attain the imperishable abode of eternal bliss.
If you want to attain Brahman, all longings for objects should perish. The more you are removed from objects, the more the effulgence of Brahman will radiate in you.
You will never be able to go into samadhi (super-conscious state) although you can sit in the padma or siddha asana for six hours at a stretch, if you are not free from attraction and repulsion, anger, egoism and pride.
Merge the speech in the mind; merge the mind in the intellect; merge the intellect in the witness of the intellect or Brahman and enjoy the supreme peace.
Restrain the senses. Silence the bubbling thoughts. Drown the mind in Brahman, who is within. Now you can realise your identity with Brahman.
Acquire the four means. Control your speech. Annihilate all hopes. Hear the shrutis (scriptures). Reflect on what you have heard. Then meditate. You will attain Self-realisation.
Brahman can be clearly and definitely realised only through nirvikalpa samadhi. Samadhi ensues only when the purified mind is merged in Brahman.
When Brahman is realised by means of nirvikalpa samadhi, then the heart's knot viz., avidya (ignorance), kama (desire) and karma (action) is destroyed.
You cannot have samadhi without perfect dispassion; you cannot have Self-realisation without samadhi; you cannot have perfect freedom without Self-realization.