Sunday, December 15, 2013

16 December

Moksha Gita - 2

Maya (illusion) is the upadhi (limiting adjunct) of Ishvara (God). She is the illusory power of Brahman. She keeps the lila (creative play) of Ishvara (God through her three gunas (qualities), viz., satva (purity), rajas (passion) and tamas (darkness).
Maya is not non-existent because it appears, neither is it existent because it is destroyed by the dawn of knowledge. Maya is 'not That'. It is an indescribable appearance.
Maya is neither sat (real) nor asat (unreal). Maya is anadi santam (beginningless) but has an end only for the sage who has realised the Self). Maya is shuddha satva or pure satva.
He who gets knowledge of the Self having overcome maya or the illusory power, will alone know what maya is, how it arises and is destroyed.
The five elements, the five tanmatras (subtle or root elements), and the various objects of the world are all products or modifications of maya.
Just as you can infer the existence of fire through smoke, so also you can infer the existence of maya through its various manifestations.
Maya is of the nature of mind. Maya generates different degrees of illusion. Maya pervades everywhere. If your mind is destroyed by discrimination and vichara (enquiry into the Self), then maya will not afflict you.
This mind which ever hankers after sensual objects is the seed of maya. If the mind is annihilated maya will vanish. You will attain the state of quiescence. Brahma Jnana (knowledge of the Absolute) will dawn in you.