Friday, October 18, 2013

19 October

The Oneness Of All Existence

Realise the totality and all­-inclusiveness of your life. Your being is cosmic. You inhabit all the worlds ­- all the worlds are your spontaneous expression. One's love for friends, sons, etc. is not for the sake of others, but for one's own self. Therefore love for Self is the highest and hence full of supreme happiness. The more you give up your hankerings for objects and try to realise your identity with the true Self or Atman, the more you will realise your true happiness.
The path of evolution is from unconsciousness to life; from life to consciousness; from consciousness to self­-consciousness; and from self­-consciousness to super-consciousness.
Mysticism is the art of union with the reality. A mystic is a person who has attained that union with the reality, or who is aiming for that attainment.
What is this ego; what is this little 'I'? Is it your foot or flesh or hand or blood -­ or any part of your body? Reflect well. You will know that there is no such thing as 'I'. The 'I' will vanish into nothingness. What is left is the pure, infinite Atman. When the ego perishes, the supreme soul reveals itself in all its pristine glory and splendor.
Do not seek to satisfy the ego -­ offer all your life and actions as sacred sacrifice to the supreme divine. You yourself are passing a death sentence on yourself -­ you are creating a hell by your own evil thoughts. It is useless to look up to the skies to find the divine. Turn inwards. In your own heart dwells the eternal.

Individual souls are like electric light bulbs. The bulbs get their light from the power house. The jivas (souls) get their power from Brahman, the infinite cosmic power house. The bulb imagines that it is independent and boasts of its effulgence and power. It has no idea of its source. When the current fails it hangs its head in shame and weeps. Even so, the jiva drags out his egoism. O fool, O dunce, know the source through purity, devotion, tapas, meditation and enjoy supreme peace and eternal bliss.