Sunday, October 13, 2013

14 October

Guide to Sadhakas

No complete knowledge is possible as long as there is the relationship of subject and object. When the subject and the object merge into absolute union there are no doubts or questions. When you enter the consciousness of the infinite you will have no problems. You will have no questions to ask, for the questioner and the questioned will be one -­ subject and object will be dissolved.
Only when action is quickened with love and illumined with knowledge, then the pilgrim in the spiritual path finds his destination and end. The one you seek is he who seeks you. The essential craving of the heart is the inner light. He who has faith, he who is tranquil and self-controlled, he who meditates on the Atman attains immortality and eternal bliss.
So, reduce your wants to the utmost minimum. Adapt yourself to circumstances. Never be attached to anything or to anybody. Share what you have with others. Be ever ready to serve. Lose no opportunity ­- serve with atma-bhava (feeling that the Self is all). Speak measured and sweet words. Have a burning thirst for God-realisation. Renounce all your belongings and surrender yourself to God.
Keep your soul strong and fresh and give it spiritual food ­- prayer, japa (repetition of God's name), selfless service, etc. Feed your mind with thoughts of God, your heart with purity, your hands with selfless service. Remain soaked in remembrance of God, with one-pointed mind. Repeat the Lord's name with faith and devotion. Meditate on his form and surrender your heart and soul to him.
Let the thought of God or reality keep away the thought of the world. Forget the feeling that you are so­-and­-so, that you are a male or a female, by vigorous brahma­-cintana (contemplation of God.) Never postpone a thing for tomorrow if it is possible for you to do it today. Do not boast or make a show of your abilities. Be simple and humble. Always be cheerful. Give up worries. Be indifferent to things that do not concern you. Fly away from bad company and discussion. Be alone for a few hours daily.
Control the emotions by discrimination and vairagya (dispassion). Maintain equilibrium of mind always. Give up backbiting and fault­-finding. Find out your own faults and weaknesses. See only good in others. Do good to those that hate you. Shun lust, anger, egoism, moha (delusion) and lobha (greed) like venomous cobras.