Sunday, September 8, 2013

63rd Birthday Message

Know Thyself
(Sixty-third Birthday Message of Gurudev Swami Sivananda)
O Seeker! Know what you seek, and then seek. See you not that what you pursue here fails to give you what you truly seek and recedes like a mirage? Nothing on earth can give you supreme joy, everlasting happiness, unadulterated bliss. Youth fades like the evening flower, strength vanishes like the rent cloud, the beauty of the body quickly gives way to the ugly death! Your pleasure-centres mock at you, for you have mistaken pain for happiness, night for day, mirage for water! The real goal of your aspiration, the true object that you seek, the one treasure without which you are restless, the sole purpose for which you live your life here, is the realisation of the imperishable bliss of the Godhead within.
Assert your existence as the omnipresent, splendid Light of the Eternal Spirit, the Atman. Stop all other speech, cease from all other work, withdraw yourself from all other thoughts, then That, which shall open the majestic gateway to the birthless and the deathless immeasurable Being. Be sincere, be patient, you shall reach That which is, that which you truly seek. 
You work, you serve, you love, you give, because you want to know where lies that, That, which is not cut off by time, not snatched away by death, no infected by change and impermanence. You are a musk-deer that runs fast to enjoy the fragrance of the musk, you are befooled by the notion that the Eternal Being is away from you. Close the door of the intellect, shut the windows of the senses, retire to the chamber of the heart, and enjoy the sleepless sleep of nirvana. You are blessed. Your only duty is to realise God, to realise the Atman which is within you and everywhere. You have no other duty. You are born to carry out this duty, which includes all other duties, and without which, all other duties are only a child’s play. Remember this!
Lead a life here which befits this glorious ideal of existence. Love all equally, for Atman alone is. Serve all without selfishness, for Atman alone is. Restrain from sensual indulgence, from passion, greed and anger, for these go against the truth that Atman alone is. Desire for name and fame, power and wealth contradicts the truth that Atman alone is real. Therefore, abstain from these desires and ambitions. Meditate on the Absolute Atman.
This is the message of truth for you all, the message that springs from the depth of Experience-Whole. This message has been heard by all those who lead the divine life, who adhere to these precepts of lasting value. Harken Hearken again the Clarion Call of the Rishis and the Seers of yore. Behave not like animals, for your birthright is Divinity. Melt yourselves in the Love for That One Immortal. Lead a life of spiritual discipline which is the necessary means to Great End.
Become ye the messengers of Truth, which is the life and the light of this world. Reflect without yourselves this truth, that the attainment of absolute perfection alone is the one Goal, and that is possible through the Knowledge of the Self within.
May the Almighty bless you all.