Saturday, September 21, 2013

22 September

A Tree Without Roots
There is a mysterious tree, 
It has no roots.  
It has grown without a seed,  
It bears fruits without flowers,  
It has no branches, no leaves,  
It has no pith, no stem.  
Many birds are sitting on this tree.  
It is a very ancient tree,  
It is beginningless and endless;  
It is causeless,  
It never dries up,  
It cannot be cut by axe.  
It gives shelter to millions; 
It is vijnana­-vrksa (tree of pure knowledge). 
It gives immortality, 
It is superior to kalpaka vrksa (wish-­fulfilling tree):
Thus sayeth Sivananda.

My Auspicious Day
I celebrated this auspicious day with great ├ęclat and pomp, 
With illumination and joyful songs. 
My wish has been fulfilled. 
I have met my Beloved. 
How shall I find words 
For the beauty of my Beloved? 
He is brilliant like millions of suns, 
He has enthroned himself in my heart. 
The lamp of love burns lustrously. 
I bathed Him with the water of love, 
I adorned Him with the flowers of prem (love), 
I gave him butter and sugar­-candy. 
I have drunk the cup of love, 
Which is filled to the brim; 
It is the cup of perfect joy, 
My rapture wells forth. 
The mercy of my Lord has come upon me. 
How blessed am I 
Who have seen my Beloved: 
So says Sivananda.